Tuesday, 1 November 2005

Bird of the Month (November)

Black Naped Oriole

A bright yellow visitor to our gardens is the Black Naped Oriole (Oriolus chinensis). His melodic song can be heard loud and clear daily as it flits around the garden. Belonging to the family Oriolodae these birds are mainly arboreal (tree dwelling) and frequents tree tops in pairs or but sometimes in small parties. It feeds mainly on insects and fruits and have been known to take morsels of ripe papaya and mango from fruiting trees.

Adult (Male)

Bright yellow plumage with broad black eyeline and nape (diagnostic) with pinkish bill.

Adult (Female)

Like male but duller.


Upperparts dull olive yellow; eyeline and nape duller and less distinct; Throat and breast whitish with streaks on breast; undertail coverts yellow; bill blackish.


27 cm (10.5 in)


A rich and flurry tu-u-u-liu, the first note shortest and the last highest. Also fluty tu-u-liu on a fallng tone, the last note longest. Also a harsh and rasping kyerr.


Resident population frequents gardens, wooded suburbs, the mangrove edge and open country while migratory populations frequent mainly mangroves, forest canopies and forest edge.

Nest & Eggs

Nest: Cradle suspended from forked tree branch.

Eggs: 2 fairly glossy white to pinkish white, sparingly blotched and spotted grey and black or purple brown