Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Selangor Branch Awards to 2 special ladies

Nina and Pik Wun, you both really do deserve this Award.
Your contributions have been recognised by your peers and appreciated by many members of the Society.

[left: Pik Wun Chin, right: Nina Cheung]

Pik Wun Chin, Selangor Branch Birdgroup Secretary

This award goes to a very little lady with a very big heart.
Pik Wun has been invaluable as a graphic designer and artist for both MNS Selangor Branch and MNS HQ. She is a pillar of reliability amongst our face-painting volunteers and works tirelessly (often without food or a break) at events such as Raptor Watch, Island Fest and HQ's Green Fair to infinite lines of children waiting to get her works of art on their faces.
She has been secretary of the Bird Group for the past year, designing their new merchandise, among other things - but her contributions have also reached the marine realm as she single-handedly designed the Marine Group's popular Shark Fin Wedding cards. At the secretariat level she has worked with both the editorial folk and the education departments - either pro bono or for minimal token pay on projects such as Nature by Heart (EE's new Environmental Education textbook), the Environmental Activity Book and Tapir, the KPA newsletter.
She also worked on the complete revamp of the Malaysian Naturalist, which has resulted in a hip and saleable look that guarantees increased interest in the magazine, our membership and in MNS itself.
Above all, it is Pik Wun's positive energy, infallible smile, natural humility and contagious enthusiasm that has endeared her to many who have met her. She is always willing to help and will do whatever she can in spite of her already heavy workload.
She also has great karma... She is truly worthy of this award.
[Prepared by Serena Effendy]

Nina Cheung, Selangor Branch Birdgroup Treasurer

Nina Cheung has been Treasurer of the Bird Group since 2003. Ever since joining the committee, in addition to doing a remarkable job with keeping the accounts, she has been very much involved in almost all of Bird Group’s activities. These main activities include day trips, long trips, indoor talks and beginners birdwatching course.

Together with her husband, David, she has helped numerous beginners along and is always willing to share her knowledge with others. She has also been involved in Asian Waterbird Census on a yearly basis. As one of the core members of the MNS LAMIBA (Local Area Monitoring of Important Bird Areas) programme during 2004-2005, Nina travelled to the several branches of the Society, helping to train the participants. Nina is also a regular at Raptor Watch for the last four years, taking on a more active and responsible role in raptor counting the last 2 years.

Whenever a presentation is needed by Bird Group, Nina will be the one to prepare the computer work. These include not just the Beginners Birdwatching Course and the Intermediate Birdwatching Workshop presentations, but also data input and evaluation of raptor counts and other bird census results.

Since 2004-2005, Nina has taken over the editorial work for Suara Enggang, a bi-monthly publication of the MNS Bird Conservation Council. She has since taken Suara Enggang (together with others on the Editorial Committee) to new heights, with a vast improvement in quality and content. A Bibliography for Suara Enggang has also been published in 2006.

Nina is currently working with MNS on the World Bird Database for Malaysia, due to be launched in 2008. When this important project is completed, the collection and retrieval of data on birds in Malaysia will be made a lot easier and faster.

Although she is officially Bird Group’s Treasurer, one can see that Nina does much, much more than just looking after the money. She has become a very important member of the committee. Her passion for birds and her selfless volunteering spirit continually inspire the rest of us.
[Prepared by Khoo Swee Seng]

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