Saturday, 19 January 2008

Birding in Bidor, Perak

Birding Day Trip to Bidor, Perak.

Come and see where the freshwater waders, such as Lapwings, Sandpipers, Plovers, Stints and Snipes, like to hang out. Join us and visit the ex-mining pools of Bidor (Chikus) followed by a trip to the Chui Chak paddyfields where you will get a chance to see Eastern Marsh Harriers, Pied Harriers, Crakes, Rails, Reed-Warblers and more.
We will meet immediately after the toll for Bidor on the North-South highway at 7:00am. For those heading to Bidor from Kuala Lumpur, expect a journey time of 1h30m.
Recommended supplies are: Sunscreen, Hat, Water, Insect Repellant, Food snacks.

The terrain around the birding sites is considered mild off-road, therefore, those intending to drive should consider whether their car is suitable for dirt tracks.
As always, we recommend car pooling. The cost of car-pooling to be shared by the participants in each car.
To register for the trip and to arrange for car-pooling, please contact either Jasmine before 14th January, or Bing (012-2509122 between 5pm and 10pm) from 14th January onwards.

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