Friday, 9 May 2008

Beginners Birdwatching Course: 9-11th May

Where there are birds, there are birdwatchers! Come along to Fraser’s Hill for this 2 day/2 night course, especially designed to get the beginner/novice birder off on the right foot. Starting Friday evening, in a fun classroom-type environment, you will learn basic skills (such as using binoculars, bird topography and identifying birds using field guides) coupled with enjoyable practical fieldwork and much, much more.

Join us and find out why so many people are completely enchanted with the world of these winged wonders.
Cost: RM270 covers course materials, transport, 2 nights accommodation and meals. Registration (at Fraser’s Hill) begins from 4.30 p.m. on 9th May.

For more details and to book, contact Alan Yu at 016-3322991 or alanyu01@gmail. com.
Closing date is 25th April 2008.
There will be a meeting for participants prior to the course.
There will also be a follow-up trip for course participants on 25th May.

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