Sunday, 25 May 2008

Day Trip: Bukit Rengit, Pahang - Sunday 25th May 2008

The Selangor Branch Bird Group will be making a day-trip to Bukit Rengit, near Lanchang, Pahang.
Bukit Rengit is an excellent birding area for lowland forest birds such as bulbuls, babblers and trogons.

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Tabib said...

My first time joining this bird group outing.
Although tired, I really enjoyed it. All the birds were lifer for me, except the common tailor bird.
First time meet the wonderful members such as Sifu Lim Aun Tiah, Jasmine Steed, John Steed (have been reading their blog regularly),Tang Tuck Hong,Susan Wong Chor Mun (PhotoMalaysia regular),Omar, Syafik and many more that I didn't remember their name.
I may join you all again, if time permitted. Thank you every body.
Best regards,