Friday, 10 October 2008

Long Trip: Watching Raptors in Chumphon, Thailand

· 10 - 15 October (Fri-Wed)
· 6 days / 5 nights
· RM 450 per person* (MNS members only)

Stand on top of a 200m hill, with binoculars focused on hundreds of Oriental Honey Buzzards, Grey-faced Buzzards, Chinese Goshawks, Japanese Sparrowhawks, Shikras, Peregrine Falcons, Greater Spotted Eagles. Not just raptors, but other migrant species such as Black Drongos and Bee-eaters as well!

Khao Radar is sited along the Isthmus of Kra, Thailand. It is well known to Thai birders as a choke-point, giving birders and photographers spectacular views and photo-taking opportunities.

Led by Lim Aun Tiah and Lee Oon Teik, the program begins with a night journey by express bus from Puduraya Station (KL) to Hatyai.

The following morning we take local vans to Chumphon. We spend two full days birding at Khao Radar, and one day in Chumphon for its culinary delights and local places of interest.

On the 4th night we board an air-conditioned Thai train (berths provided) from Chumphon, arriving Hatyai at 7am the next morning. After breakfast we take an express bus back to KL, arriving at around 7pm on 15 October (Wed).

Book now, before the seats get snapped up! For details, call or sms Oon Teik (017-889 7510) or Swee Seng (013-386 3663) before 10pm.

* Covers transport, hotel and local transfers. Food on individual account. Cost subject to change (should there be a drastic increase in fuel prices).

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