Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Talk: Birding in Sulawesi

· 20 January 09 (Tuesday)
· Schmidt Marketing, 5th Floor, Wisma Domain, Petaling Jaya
· 8pm

Indonesia's Sulawesi is in the biogeographical area of Wallacea, between the Oriental and Australasian regions. Wallacea, with avifauna reflecting elements of both regions, has an extraordinarily high 249 endemic bird species, of which 97 are found in Sulawesi.
The talk, by Mohd. Rafi Kudus who recently went on a birding trip to the island, will focus on North Sulawesi, with pictures of birds sighted, travel tips, and where to find the endemics. Rafi is an avid birder of over 15 years, with a passion for bird and nature conservation.
All are welcome. For details, call or email Swee Seng (013-386 3663) before 10pm.

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