Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Talk: Field Identification of 'Acridotheres' Mynas in Peninsular Malaysia

· 10 February 09 (Tuesday)
· Schmidt Marketing, 5th Floor, Wisma Domain, Petaling Jaya
· 8pm

We see mynas everywhere in the country. Before we dismiss them as common and uninteresting, find out why Allen Jeyarasingam finds them as unique as other birds we eagerly seek out.
Allen J. is the renowned author of "A Field Guide to the Birds of West Malaysia and Singapore". He will be sharing with us insights on the Acridotheres mynas (Common, Jungle, White-vented and Crested mynas) in Peninsular Malaysia, with special reference to the northward spread of the Javan Myna A. javanicus (White-vented).

The speaker is a member of the MNS Bird Conservation Council, the BCC-Records Committee and one of the editors of Suara Enggang.
All are welcome. For details, call or email Swee Seng (013-386 3663) before 10pm.

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